Varadero services

We know how to properly repair any problem with your boat or engine. Our staff has 25 years of experience in boat repair and finishing services. The mechanics have received training from dealers in various brands such as Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, Suzuki ..

We take care of maintaining and repairing if necessary:

  • Helmets

  • Axes

  • Queues

  • Anodes

  • Thru-hull

  • Rudders

  • Probe transducers

  • Maneuvering propellers

  • Primers

  • Antifouling patent

  • etc.

We use only the best technology to make your boat like new.

We only use the best products when it comes to boat repair.

Our detailed services at the mooring or at the dry dock include washing the boat in the dock, cleaning under the hatches and all gutter tracks when accessible. We remove salt, bird droppings, water stains and all the dirt. We also dry all windows and shiny woodwork. One of the keys to maintaining your boat is also one of the simplest: wash and wax your boat regularly.

Routine cleaning makes for a more enjoyable and organized boating environment, but it also goes a long way toward counteracting the long-term effects of wear and tear. Maintaining a regular schedule of boat details will also go a long way toward preserving the beauty, functionality, and resale value of your boat. You or your staff will be able to detect potential problems that may need immediate action, thus avoiding having to shell out a large sum for repair or replacement in case the problem worsens in the future. You don't want your boat to break down in the middle of a fishing trip or family occasion.

Ask us about our regularly scheduled detailed services!

  • Polishing with special compounds and wax

  • Remove all light rust spots accessible inside and out

  • Clean and protect all vinyl, leather, and plastic (seats and cushions).

  • Cleans and polishes windshields and glass

  • Clean all canvas and exterior rugs.

  • Interior: Vacuum, clean all surfaces, clean windows, seats and carpets.

  • Polish all shiny works

  • Cleans and protects window glass

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning services consist of a top to bottom cleaning. This includes cleaning the toilet, head, sinks, walls, vacuuming and / or deep cleaning carpets, dusting and polishing wood, mirrors, removing carpet stains, and cleaning the interior of all hatches and compartments.


Naval electronics:

Sale, Installation and repair of plotters, radars, probes, autopilots, sound, TV, Internet, NMEA networks, communications ...

Naval electricity:

Installation and repair of electrical systems on board, batteries, chargers, solar energy, lighting, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning ...

Slipway services: Cleaning helmets, primers, patents, taps line, axis, glues, helices, polishing and buffing of helmets, etc.

Naval mechanics: Maintenance of engines, remotorizations, repairs, fresh water systems, water treatment plants, bilge pumps, steering, maneuvering propellers, etc.